What is Crabil Manufacturing?

Crabil Manufacturing, Inc.

Crabil Manufacturing, Inc. is an ISO 9001:2008 Certified precision machine shop located in St. Petersburg, Florida.  We’ve been in business since 2001 and with over 25 years of combined experience specializing in tight tolerance machine parts, from production runs to prototype work. 

ISO 9001:2008 Certified

Crabil has served the needs of a wide-range of clients:

  • US Military & Government Contractors
  • Medical/Dental
  • Aerospace
  • FFL Manufacturing
  • Power Generation
  • High-frequency Communication
  • Tool & die
  • Transportation
  • Process industries

Most client relationships started by referral, and range from inventors to US/Government Contractors, and various private sector companies. As our customer base expanded so did our need for additional machines, employee talent, processes and resources.

Crabil continues to invest in technology, machinery, process improvement and experienced and talented individuals. We are in the process of updating and adding equipment. Please view our current list of equipment.

Crabil is unique in its approach to offering a broad scope of capabilities. We have allied ourselves with a wide array of competent design, drafting, welding, coating and related companies to provide scopes that can begin with conceptual design and conclude with finished assemblies. However, we do not carry the costs of these capabilities in our overhead. This means that our customers do not pay for overhead that does not add value to their projects. When these services are required, they are readily available.

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How we develop our manufacturing process.


At Crabil, we design a manufacturing solution that is efficient and produces a consistent quality part. Our clients come to us to provide short prototype runs and we can quickly turn that design process over to production runs. We also utilize multi-axis production techniques to reduce setup time and in the end produce a higher quantity of quality parts faster. Our prototype and manufacturing experts work together to quickly transition our clients parts from an idea to a mass produced part all while following the same quality conformance.

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How we manufacture our clients' design.

At Crabil, we deliver your part by following a process that carefully studies your request and develop a system to manufacture it in a repeatable method. We adjust our processes to meet your time and quantity needs to produce a quality part every time.

Crabil uses the following in house processes:

  • Five Axis Milling
  • Multi Axis Mill-Turn Lathes
  • Hardware install and Sub-Assembly Build Per-Print

View our list of manufacturing equipment that we currently use.

Crabil will utilize any required outside service provider in our network to complete any other processing task needed for the part. We work closely with our providers to ensure the final quality and the timely completion of the product.

Crabil can work with your supply needs by adjusting the production schedule, we can provide a timely delivery as well as a JIT or Kanban based solution. Let us know your production needs and we will work to provide the best solution for a quality product.

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How we deliver a quality finished product.

Crabil has a quality department that monitors the production of all parts to ensure the final product meets the clients specification. Additionally all parts are processed through the finish department to clean and prepare them for outside processing or final inspection and shipping.

The quality department employs state of the art CMMCoordinate Measuring Machine to verify the part conformance during the manufacturing. Parts are measured at set up with a first article inspection, throughout production using in-process inspection, and at the end with a final inspection. Quality Assurance Provisions are specified by our clients via their purchase order. The quality department is also employed by our clients as a third party inspection source to verify parts from their manufacturing facilities. Crabil follows the acceptance sampling standards of ANSI/ASQ Z1.4-2008 Sampling Procedures for Inspection by Attributes.

The finish department utilizes a variety of techniques to clean and prepare parts, each tailored to quickly produce a uniform set. All manufactured parts are screened using high power optics by skilled technicians and cleaned using precision powered tools.

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